mucky mutz dog grooming

Nail clipping

Nail clipping (Bookings are not necessary. Dogs can be brought in anytime between 9am-3:30pm.)

Small dogs $11, Big dogs $13


Nail Filing: Small $5,   Big $8
Nail cut & File: Small $15,  Big $20  
Foot pad trim: Small $6,  Big $10

Price List

(All price includes GST from 1st July 2020)

Short hair breeds

(Chihuahua, Jack Russel Terrier, Pug, French bulldog, Foxy, Boston terrier, Staffy, Kelpie, Cattle dog, Greyhound, Labrador etc.)

(Small) (Medium)   (Large) (Extra Large) (Giant)
 2-7kg 8-15kg 16-25kg 26-35kg 36-50kg
Wash & Undercoat removal: from $40~ $45~ $60~ $75~ $80~
Summer Clipper cut:from $75~ $80~ $95~ $105~ $115~

Extra Small dogs

(Maltese, Pomeranian, Shih-Tsu, Australian Silky Terrier, Lhasa Apse, Toy Poodle, Cavalier, Mini Schnauzer, West Highland Terrier, Bichon, Pekinese, Yorkie, Moodle, Cavoodle etc.)

  • Wash & Tidy: from $45~
  • Grooming: from $77~


Small dogs

(Cavoodle, Spoodle, Japanese Spitz, Mini Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Sheltie etc.)

  • Wash & Tidy: from $50~
  • Grooming: from $80~


Medium dogs

(Lagotto, Cocker Spaniel, Standard schnauzer, Labradoodle,  Springer Spaniel, etc.)

  • Wash & Tidy: from $60~
Grooming: from $85~

(12- 18kg)

Large dogs

(Border Collie small, Airedale, Standard Poodle, Springer Spaniel)

  • Wash & Tidy: from $75~
Grooming: from $105~

(19- 30 kg)

Extra large dogs

(Standard Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever)

  • Wash & Tidy: from $85~
  • Grooming: from $120~


Wash includes nail cut, ear cleaning, tidying of hygiene areas such as foot pads, stomach, bottom.

Wash & Tidy includes full wash services, plus trim (clearing) around eyes & mouth, and paws.

Grooming includes full wash service and clipper cut for body/legs & scissor work of face and paw & tail.  The hair length can be chosen from 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 1cm or 1.7cm.  Long hair cut (2cm-7cm) & Specific breed/style cut are available with extra fee of $10-30 as it requires a lots of scissor work.

Note  Please note there will be extra charge of around $10-30 on all scissor cuts, Special breed/style cuts and body length of more than 2cm. These cuts require dedicated and fine work and can be very time consuming.

The prices for Mini Schnauzer & Poodle feet & face start from $80 with clipper cut and $90 for scissors cut.    Thank you for your understanding. 


Additional charges:

Flea infested coats: additional $10 – $50
(includes flea bath and Capster treatment)

Medicated shampoo: additional $5 – $20 Malaseb/phofex are available.
Oatmeal, sensitive shampoo available with no extra charges

Matted & thick, long coats/Massive undercoats for  additional work required charge will apply…. $20 per 20 minutes

Anal Glands treatment: $10

Teeth clean wipe: $5

Ear Plucking: $5-15 extra if required to pluck large amounts of hair inside ear canal & cleaning


Notice for Matted, thick long coats/Heavy undercoats:

Additional $20 per 20 minutes required for extra brushing, combing long/thick coat & clearing of heavily knotted/matted coat or clipping of severely matted coat.

Please note that clearing matted/knotted hair or even clipping out a heavily matted coat can take an enormous amount of time even for an experienced groomer. It involves delicate and accurate work as the mats are usually very close to the skin. Thank you for your understanding.



Note: Wash and clip prices can be confirmed at time of drop off. Above prices are based on standard coats.  If coat is thick, long or knotted/matted, additional fees may apply.